The SHREK experiment, located at SBT/CEA Grenoble, is a large Von Kármán apparatus (meter sized) that can be filled with cryogenic liquid helium. It was designed and operated by the same consortium that previously ran the TSF superfluid grid flow. The objective is to study superfluid turbulence, and more particularly how it compares with turbulence of classical fluids.

This experiment is part of the EuHIT open-infrastructure.

This project, coordinated by Sylvain Joubaud, aims at building a platform for the characterization of thermal plumes.

Permament members

  • Hervé Pabiou, CETHIL
  • John Soundar, LMFA
  • Francesca Chillà, LPENSL
  • Julien Salort, LPENSL
  • Sylvain Joubaud, LPENSL


  • Thibaud Clément (2017), engineering internship, ENSI Poitiers
  • Clément Toupoint (2018-2021), post-doc funded by PlumeX
  • Christopher Madec (2018-2021), Ph.D. student supervised by S. Joubaud and J. Soundar
  • Wandrille Ruffenach (2021), bachelor internship, ENS de Lyon